Our Approach.

y’s change provides organizational development and coaching services to connect the individual threads of good intentions from government entities, foundations, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to create whole systems that support whole communities to thrive and reach their fullest potential. Our approach is multi-faceted, combining strategic planning and organizational coaching with over 18 years of experience to support collaboration and consensus-building.

To actualize the Power of WE, our approach is based on the following frameworks:

Networks for Social Impact
Collective impact describes the synergistic effect when an interdisciplinary leaders align their efforts to solve big, wicked social problems that no one entity could have solved on its own. The ground conditions that support success include consensus-building to develop a truly common agenda, shared measurement system, mutually -reinforcing activities, continuous communication and backbone support. Networked nonprofits go one step further; embedding the value of the network within their internal organizational structure by serving as one of a system of nodes rather than as the centralized hub.

The Theory of Aligned Contributions

Theory of Aligned Contributions.pptx
Making strides to tackle those big, wicked social problems requires that community leaders acquire competence in four areas:

  1. Results-Based Accountability
    Mark Friedman’s Results Based Accountability (RBA) Framework highlights working with the end in mind by coupling techniques to quantify population measures of well-being with program accountability.
  2. Race, Class and Culture
    The ability to constructively engage others in dialogue around race, class and culture with the goal to influence decision makers to take action to reduce disparities.
  3. Collaborative Leadership
    The skills and mindset to work collaboratively and align efforts.
  4. Lead from the Middle
    From this middle place, leaders possess the confidence and ability to influence those who work above them and empower those who work below them.


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